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Quickly find the dates

MDS Helper Main Screen
MDS Helper Main Screen

Everything in MDS revolves around the “ARD”s. When a resident is in reference, your looking at everything that occurs for a full seven days ending in and including the ARD. There are always exceptions, so for a small handful of items you might be looking back 14 days ending on and including the ARD.

You can set your ARD anytime between 64 days and 92 days after the prior ARD.

Quickly find the diagnosis

MDS Helper ICD9 Search
MDS Helper ICD9 Search

Also includes, is a handy ICD9 Code search. You can search for both the code or the description to quickly find the diagnosis a code refers to.

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So sick of hearing about non-developers saying 10.10 is the same as 10.1 (especially in how it relates to discussions of OSX Yosemite – MacRumors forum, i’m looking at you).

People who say this are either just ignorant, know-it-alls or refuse to learn and thus, stupid.

Let me set the record straight.  When software is released, it’s given a numerical value separated by a decimal to describe major revision, minor revisions and incremental/build revisions.

Or as Wikipedia, describes:





The period is nothing more than a separator of values.  They could use pipes, exclamation points or hash marks to delimit the values.  10#10 is (OSX Yosemite) is actually Apple OS Major Version #10, Incremental version #10 (Yosemite).  It was preceded by 10#9#3 (Mavericks).  See what I did there with the hash mark?  Egads!  Now it’s REALLY an invalid decimal!

If you aren’t in the field, learn about it before spouting off.  You just look dumb.  But some people take pride in looking dumb… Their, There, They’re as an example.

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The FIRST Turkey Calls app in the App Store has been updated finally for iOS7! Adding the Assembly Yelp to the Yelps section and giving the app a performance boost.

Thanks everyone who use the app and give a good review if you like it! And click the ads because it’s free to do and helps support my take over plans of Silicon Valley and move it to Ohio.


Turkey Calls


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Baseball Golf Scores ready for the 2014 season!

What is a baseball golf score? It’s a simple little process of breaking a long MLB season down into 18 holes. Each hole being “par 4″ (5-4 record). A 72 loss season (90 wins) is about right to get a team to the playoffs.

This year, I have redesigned it entirely to be iOS 7 only. Why? Because doing major SDK version checks is a pain in the arse and I just wanted to make the app simple. With iOS 7 adoption rates near or over 80%, I just figured I’d go with the cool crowd. Sorry iOS 6 folks.

It’s much prettier and clean to be honest. Still has push notifications so you will be told when your favorite team’s score changes.

Contact me if you have any bugs or suggestions. I may actually respond…or not. I’m a super busy guy (read: lazy).

Thanks and Enjoy!

Download it today!


Main View Team View Team Scorecard view


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It’s a pain in the arse having to type in all the access keys, secret keys and account ids into an iOS device…

So AWSome makes it easy… Using a regular computer, find that information before hand and then go here and enter in your information then email it to your device.

Then on your device, you simply click the link and boom, instantly added to your app.


AWSome App Url
Success Kid App Approval

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We have submitted AWSome 1.3 to the app store in response to Apple’s new iOS 7 operating system update!

App update is out now!

It’s minor but it does take advantage of the new swipe back table views and other UI elements.

An all new menu has been created that I think is a little more intuitive. A very simple drop down menu from the top.

New AWSome menu

Also, you can now use a custom app url scheme to add accounts to your AWSome account list. Just email yourself the scheme with the values and AWSome will open and add the account automatically. Here’s an example:

awsome://add?accountname=[THE NAME OF THE ACCOUNT]&accountkey=[THE ACCOUNT KEY]&secretkey=[THE ACCOUNT SECRET KEY]&isdefault=[true|false]&accountid=[THE ACCOUNT ID FOUND UNDER YOU NAME]

The Account ID is a special value that you find on the Security Credentials page of AWS

Security Credentials

Once you email that app url scheme to yourself, open it up on the device where AWSome is installed and you will have the account added! Cool, eh?

Keep an eye out for the update!

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I think I speak for all iOS developers when I made this image.

Success Kid App Store Approval meme.  When you finally get that email that your app was approved for the app store.

Success Kid App Approval