Turkey Calls

How to make the kee kee turkey call


The kee-kee is a turkey call young turkeys develop in summer. It stems from the lost whistle of a young poult. There is little difference in tone or rhythm of kee-kees by young male and female poults, but as turkeys grow older, a jake's voice becomes lower in pitch. The kee-kee run is just a kee-kee with yelping added on the end. Long examples have more than 30 yelp notes, but briefer examples might have only one to three yelps.

One common variation begins with kee notes, followed by yelping notes and ending with additional kee notes. A gravely distressed young turkey might go from kee-keeing to yelping and back several times in the same kee-kee run sequence. By fall, a jake's calling apparatus is larger than that of a young hen, and his voice is distinctly lower-pitched. Jakes often use the unique four- or five-note kee-kee run. You should use the use kee-kee and kee-kee run for fall calling.

Turkey call types

Kee-kee | Yelp | Cackle | Cutt | Purr | Tom | Whine | Gobble | Cluck


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