Turkey Calls

How to make a gobble turkey call


The Gobble turkey call of a wild turkey is the same sound produced by his barnyard cousin. Sporadic gobbling to reassemble a flock of scattered toms can be heard occasionally at any time of the year. Gobbling is by far the most common in the spring, however, to attract hens for mating and to warn away other toms. It is primarily a long-distance form of communication and is heard most often when turkeys are on the roost in the morning, and occasionally when they go to roost in the evening. Most gobblers switch to Spitting and Drumming in the presence of hens, with less frequent gobbling on the ground.

Turkey call types

Kee-kee | Yelp | Cackle | Cutt | Purr | Tom | Whine | Gobble | Cluck


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