My In-App Purchasing War Story

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Note: I haven’t actually had any of my apps approved in the AppStore that has In-App purchasing built in but I do have a couple in development. I do have 60+ apps in the appstore though. Firstly, I’m the type of person in the development world who likes to jump into the water before dipping… Read more »

Free source code!

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Everyone loves free stuff. So here’s my contribution… – (void)viewDidLoad { [super viewDidLoad]; } I don’t have this on github yet but you can use it free of charge. Just put my credit in your code. Enjoy! Share on Facebook

Advanced iOS Networking

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I’m sort of a hack in terms of iOS development (ok…any development) but I am dangerous enough.  In fact, im dangerous enough to make a very poorly written app using terrible libraries or my own leaky memory management. Well, Magunth Kumar has made a very nice networking library that handles a whole bunch of nifty… Read more »